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Youth Player Development League - Mentor/Coaches Needed.
Job Opprotunities Available.

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Girls In Sports

All girls youth player development league (starting at age 7) & P4Y club 'select' team.

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Every child deserves a chance

With the cost of playing sports on the rise, many children have limited access to organized leagues, teams, skill training, etc. Equipment, transportation and private coaching costs have made competing in many sports extremely expensive. The simple days of kids playing on open fields has become replaced by organized leagues and teams that utilize facilities and areas often restricted for general use.

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Girls In Sports Project


Girls In Sports project focuses on providing resources to guide young ladies through thier sports journey in a positive uplifting environment.

    Raised: $400 Goal: $5,000

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Our mission

Inspiring Youth to explore the possibilities through sports & educational programs.

What we do: We provide affordable sports & educational programs and events that encourage healthy living, socialization and community building.


Coordinating efforts with Org. & athletes who share our dedication.


All activities promote trust, respect, authenticity, and self-respect.


Generosity, courtesy, pride, ethics, and fair play.


A belief in the positive impact of life-long learning and mentorship.



Passion 4 Youth founder, Coach Audrey Taylor named 2019 National Coach of the Year by USA Today...

An Amazing Milestone but A Bigger Impact

I’ve met a lot of kids throughout my journey of coaching and as most coaches would tell you, there are some really special ones that come through the gym doors that capture your heart. Well Derrick Whitaker is one of those special kids whom will always hold a special place in my heart!

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