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Player Development On & Off the Court.

Mentoring + BasketballMaster the Fundamentals Academy

Small group training focused on building individual skills & game play IQ.

We focus on developing the player, not just their skills!

We understand that intense challenges bring about significant change. As a result, we created the ‘Develop & Compete’ program that offers support & guidance in an organized, accountable environment that focuses on developing athlete’s social & emotional skills. Athlete’s will learn positive character traits, discipline, dedication, sacrifice, hard work & responsibility on & off the court.

Basketball is a dynamic and fast-paced sport that requires a combination of physical fitness, mental acuity, and a wide range of basketball skills. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or a seasoned player aiming to refine your abilities, basketball skill development is a continuous and rewarding journey.

Teach the game. Cultivate leaders. Provide resources.

TEACH THE GAME – We teach them the why behind an action, move, and offensive concept. We develop play makers, not play runners. A positive environment is also necessary, we end every sessions with players and coaches encouraging each other even after a tough competitive game!

CULTIVATE LEADERS – This is what makes us different. We encourage our players to do more than play basketball. We provide job & volunteer opportunities, encourage philanthropy & community service, prepare young coaches in our Jr Coaching Program, as well as provide empowerment workshops.

PROVIDE RESOURCES – We provide our parents and players with resources needed to support our players journey. We have partnered with some amazing organizations!


Develop & Compete Registrants Only!
Series of workshops on finances, mental health, life strategies, distractions, health & wellness, etc.
Service your community & build your community volunteer hours.
Participation in basketball skill development training, clinics, etc.
Be an Ambassador: Join our community outreach team.
Resources provided to assist with health & wellness goals.
Be a part of an exclusive group of future leaders (group discussion, guest speakers, group outings).
Access to job opportunities within the program & non-profit.
Gain hands on coaching experience in our Jr. Coach program.

Youth Development ProgramTHE 3LEAGUE

Skill Development + 3v3 League Play


More touches, shots, rebounds, passes, etc. On average players will touch the ball 1/6 of the time opposed to 1/10 of the time in 5v5.


With only 6 players on the court compared to 10, there's more space to operate. More space allows for players to do more, develop guard play skill set and force all players to learn how to dribble with their head up and look to advance the ball.


Learn the 6 ways to play within an 5v5 offensive set. The spacing, ball touches, guard play will allow players to utilize, pass & cut, screens, dribble drive, curls & cuts, etc.


No sitting on the bench equals more fun for all players.

Train. Practice. Play.THE 3LEAGUE

Improving Basketball Performance Through Skill, Practice & Game Play.

The 3League is a fast paced, fun, and competitive co-ed youth player development program. The league is divided into divisions based on age and abilities(skill) and focuses on improving basketball performance through skill training, practicing and league play. There are 6 levels of player development starting at the age 7 through 18+.

It differs from a traditional leagues in the following areas:

  • High level coaching with consistent coaching tactics, tools & communication
  • We teach the 6 fundamental ways to play the game starting from level 1.
  • A focus on leadership development
  • Rules and regulations adjusted for competition level
Spring & Summer Sessions

6 Week/ 18 Session Season + 3v3 Tournament
Location: TBD


Inspiring Youth to Explore the Possibilities.

732 - 339 - 3019


🚨 An elite strategy summit with specialist driven skill master classes & mindful workshops. Building our young female athletes to have ‘The Edge’ on competition.
❔🙋🏽‍♀️DM for more info.

So proud to be apart of this young ladies journey! Well deserved! Congratulations to both @haley_poser and @LafayetteWBB


Ava LaMonica
NJ Gemz @Jersey_gemz
2.6 spg // 15-29 (51.7%) FG

Ava had a breakout weekend for her summer at Session 2. She scored in double figures for the first time this season, and she went ahead and did that

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