We focus on developing the player, not just their skills!

Current Program:THE 3LEAGUE

skill development + 3v3 league

A coed fast paced, fun & competitive 3 v 3 league, teaching basketball fundamentals, game play concepts & focusing on individual player development. This program provides a friendly and safe environment, where children are encouraged and supported to learn, grow & adapt; as well as build social & emotional skills within a competitive and challenging environment.

6 level player development program starting at the age 7 (boys & girls). Our develop & compete system consists of a session-to-session & week-to-week progression teaching style.

6 Weeks: Skills Training | Practice | League play
18 Sessions (60-90 mins)
April 18 – May 27 (3x per wk)
$20 -$25 per session

To learn more: Email us at info@passion4youth.org or Text/Call 732-339-3019 

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