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Coed 3v3 League: Starting at the age 7


6-Level Player Development Program

The 3League is a fast paced, fun, and competitive half-court co-ed youth player development 3v3 league. The league is divided into divisions based on age and abilities(skill) and focuses on improving basketball performance through skill, practice and game play. There are 6 levels of player development starting at the age 7 through 18+.
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It differs from a traditional 3 on 3 leagues in the following areas: 

  • Skill development + Practice + Game Play is incorporated in each session 
  • Hi-level coaching with consistent coaching tactics, tools & communication
  • A focus on leadership development
  • Rules and regulations adjusted for competition level

What’s the commitment for the 3League?:
6 weeks/18 sessions (Starting in May :: Tues, Thurs & Sat.)
2x weekly (90 min sessions) = Skill Development + Game Play
1x week (2 Game Minimum) = Game Play Only (w/ Certified Officials)
+ Tournament Entry + Open Gym Runs  +Skills & Drills Clinics
Location: Franklin HS (500 Elizabeth Ave., Somerset NJ)

Does my child have to play with their age group/division? Each participant will be evaluated and placed in the proper division based on their skill level. Within the divisions, players will have the ability to move throughout the 6 levels based on the evaluation of their game/practice performance. 

Individual registrants
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OrganizationsContact us. Get players game day ready! Let us focus on building their confidence, IQ & leadership capabilities.


Focus on building the foundation of basketball fundamentals(dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, etc.). Teaching concepts of the game and beginner terminology.

Level 1: Beginners (7-10 yrs Old)
60 Min Sessions
6 Wk/18 Session Program


Champion Training Sessions help players have a greater impact on & off the court. We work on basketball I.Q. through note-taking, presentations and breaking down game video in addition to the on-court development of ball control, shooting, defense and decision making through games.

Level 2: Some Experience (10-12 yrs Old)
90 Min. Sessions
6 Wk/18 Session Program


Prime Sessions are 20% Skill Work & 80% Game Play. Players build fundamentals through drills for ball control & shooting. We have a priority on improving decision making and leadership skills through small-sided games (1v1, 2v2, etc.)

Level 3: Middle School Prep (12-14 yrs Old)
90 Min. Sessions
6 Wk/18 Session Program


Power Sessions develop aggressiveness & assertiveness with intense drills while building your understanding of the game by clarifying the reason for each task. We focus on individual impact using ball control, shooting, performance development & small-sided games for decision making & leadership.

Level 4: High School Prep (13-15 yrs Old)
90 Min. Sessions
6 Wk/18 Session Program


Playmaker Sessions are for high school players who want a great experience in high school and possibly qualify to play in college. We spend 80% of the time on ball control, volume shooting, footwork, finishes & Vertimax performance training. The remaining 20% of the time is allotted for small-sided games.

Level 5: High School Prep (15-19 yrs Old)
90 Min. Sessions
6 Wk/18 Session Program

We are a volunteer based organization and we always looking for passionate individuals who understand the importance of being a positive impact to our youth. Please see below useful info to learn about volunteer and teen job opportunities. [Learn More]

Covid-19 Protocol

Social Distancing & Mask Required

We will be following NJ Department of Health guidelines, as well as the Franklin High School guidelines. Spectators are limited to only one spectator per youth participant. 

Each participant will be given a quick screening. A contact free temperature check and question about any “feeling sick” symptoms of the last 24 hours. Player must be symptom free and have a temperature under 100.4 to participate.

Face Masks:

  • Required to be worn by coaches at all times.
  • Required to be worn by any adult spectator that is attending the game/practice.
  • Required to be worn by the players sitting out of competition/drills. 

1 spectator allowed per player.

There will be extra time in between games to limit contact between parents/players coming and going.

Parents/Players must make sure their hands have been disinfected prior and after participation.

Players should bring the following with them: mask, bag that has their sports drink/water. Sports Drink/Water bottle should never be shared. 

Players should not bring a basketball. Each group will be given basketballs. (game and warm-up basketballs will be disinfected after each game)

At the conclusion of each game there wont be the traditional “hand shake” line to limit contact. Teams will gather in a circle to say “good game” with some final comments from the ref regarding the game.

3v3 Benefits

“3v3 basketball is such a critical component of effective youth basketball development, everyone has gotten so caught up and obsessed with AAU travel/club basketball that 3-on-3 ball has been neglected. That is why we are making an effort at bringing it back!”

Why 3v3 games are beneficial to players…

  • Everyone plays. League play based on the six ways to play philosophy, so players get more repetitions in games and game-like situations.
  • More touches, shots, rebounds, passes, etc. On average players will touch the ball 1/6 of the time opposed to 1/10 of the time in 5v5.

  • More Space. With only 6 players on the court compared to 10, there’s more space to operate. More space allows for players to do more, develop guard play skill set and force all players to learn how to dribble with their head up and look to advance the ball.
  • Offensive IQ. Learn the 6 ways to play within an 5v5 offensive set. The spacing, ball touches, guard play will allow players to utilize, pass & cut, screens, dribble drive, curls & cuts, etc.
  • Less performance pressure. While we keep score during league games, there are no scoreboards or true officials during sessions, and teams play multiple games in a session, which reduces the performance demands.
  • No negative coaching. Coaches collaborate and work together to create a competitive fun environment.
  • More action and fun. No sitting on the bench equals more fun for all players. Clinics feature active, dynamic drills and small-sided games to teach concepts and train skills.
  • Additional instruction. All participants receive player notebook, which includes the six ways to play and space for in-session notes.




Guidance with setting up your recruiting profile, as well as information on the important steps in the recruiting process.



Jr. Coaching Program gives you an opportunity to learn how to teach the game of basketball and mentor the youth.



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Inspiring Youth to Explore the Possibilities.

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