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3v3 League + Skill Development

Youth Player Development League (YPDL)3v3 LEAGUE (YPDL) + SKILL DEVELOPMENT

Leadership building through game play.

The Develop & Compete program was created by Coach Q James and Coach Audrey Taylor. Both coaches worked tirelessly to create a program that harnessed the true value of sports play (confidence, accountability, discipline, etc.), encourages skill development, provides a safe & productive environment, and supports the athlete(s) life & basketball goals.


TEACH THE GAME – We teach them the why behind an action, move, and offensive concept. We develop play makers, not play runners. A positive environment is also necessary, we end every sessions with players and coaches encouraging each other even after a tough competitive game!

CULTIVATE LEADERS – This is what makes us different. We encourage our players to do more than play basketball. We provide job & volunteer opportunities, encourage philanthropy & community service, prepare young coaches in our Jr Coaching Program, as well as provide empowerment workshops.

PROVIDE RESOURCES – We provide our parents and players with resources needed to support our players journey. We have partnered with some amazing organizations!

  • Social & Emotional Learning(S.E.L) provide by Five Star Life– an academic, character, and leadership curriculum.
  • BAMSOPA- Targeted tutoring (SAT prep & more) and performing arts academy

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System of Learning, Understanding & Applying6 LEVELS OF DEVELOMENT

Coach Q James(Bballlife) player development system allows for your child to start their skill development & game play at age of 7 yrs old(elementary) through teen(high school). Each level will focus on perfecting fundamentals and as the player improves, they move up a level which will include more intense and complex drills tailored to their area of play(position). In order to move through the 6 levels, players will be evaluated and placed in their proper level to compete & grow at a pace that allows for maturity & leadership skills to be built properly.

Level 1: For Beginner (7-10 yrs old)
Players learn to play by building skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, catching + communication.
Level 2: Experience (10-13 yrs old)
Help players have a greater impact on & off the court. We focus on building basketball I.Q.
Level 3: Middle (12-14 yrs old)
20% skill work/ 80% game play. Focus on improving decision making & leadership skills.
Level 4: Experienced (13-15 yrs old)
Develop aggressiveness & assertiveness with intense drills while building your understanding of the game.
Level 5: College Prep (15-19)
For high school players who want a great experience in high school and possibly qualify to play in college.
Level 6: Adv Players (20+)
For serious athletes who intend on playing professionally or in adult leagues for serious athletes.


Divisions = Skill Levels


Develop & Compete Registrants Only!
Social & Emotional Learning(SEL) curriculum provided by 5 Star Life.
Group discussions on ways to make change & give back.
Participation in basketball skill development classes, clinics, etc.
Volunteer opportunities to assist with college application & more.
Resources provided to assist with health & wellness goals.
Be a part of an exclusive group of future leaders (group discussion, guest speakers, group outings).
Access to job opportunities within the program & non-profit.
Gain hands on coaching experience in our Jr. Coach program.

Inspiring Youth to Explore the Possibilities.

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