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Coach Evaluations (on court + film)

Welcome to the world of transformation, growth, and empowerment with Coach Audrey Taylor! A passionate and dedicated coach, committed to helping individuals unlock their full potential, achieve their goals, and enjoy the journey.

Master the Fundamentals Academy was created by Coach Audrey Taylor. During the Spring & Summer of ’23, Coach Taylor was an on-court coach for USA Basketball Mini-Camp (Dallas, TX) and the USAB U16 Trials. As well as the Nike elite camp, The Academy. During her stent with USAB and Nike, Coach Taylor honed in on the importance of developing and enhancing fundamental skills & game play IQ.

Are you looking to build skills, elevate your game play (decision making), and mental toughness?

If so my small group training is perfect for you. It’s not 1 on 1 skill training and far from an overcrowded clinic! For advanced players; you’ll learn how to focus on the details, while be challenged in high-IQ drills and competitive game play. Each player will be provided practice & game film evaluation sessions, as well as introduction to journaling.

For beginner and intermediate players, I have an awesome program (The 3League) that provides skill development and game play. The program is for both boys & girls, starting at the age 9. It combines skill training, practicing and 3v3 league play in an controlled environment. The 3League embodies the true value of sports play, as well as the benefits of 3 vs 3 game play: everyone plays, more touches, less performance pressure, more action & fun!

I’ve heard enough, I’m ready to sign up!

The Art of Film Study

Learn how to improve skills, elevate your decision making, & be more intentful with your training.

Why Should You Watch Film?
To try and uncover any tendencies or weaknesses they you may have and make them a strength. Video allows us as athletes to take time to self reflect and analyze and visualize areas to improve and understand how to prioritize training and level up their performance..

Our sessions will teach you how to self evaluate properly, so its beneficial to you and your skill trainer!


Coach Taylor Tribe Benefits
Learn how to live a Five Star Life.
Group discussions on ways to make change & give back.
Participation in basketball skill development classes, clinics, etc.
Volunteer opportunities to assist with college application & more.
Resources provided to assist with health & wellness goals.
Be a part of an exclusive group of future leaders (group discussion, guest speakers, group outings).
Access to job opportunities within the program & non-profit.
Gain hands on coaching experience in our Jr. Coach program.

Inspiring Youth to Explore the Possibilities.

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