Support their dreams. Every child deserves a chance.

BEHIND EVERY GIRL WHO LACES UP & plays the game of basketball, there’s a solidarity of women athletes who once walked their shoes. Our shared interest & experience is what connects us as sisters.  Our alliance to support & uplift one another to be successful women on & off the court makes us a powerful #sisterhood!

The #GirlsInSportsProject  provides funds for girls youth programs, youth teams & youth organizations focused on developing young ladies through sports play,  as well as provide experience that teach key characteristics, build confidence and socialization(community).

This project is lead by Coach Audrey Taylor, 2019 USA Today National Coach of the Year & head varsity coach at Franklin High School (Somerset, NJ). Who has dedicated her life to uplifting youth through sports play and educational programs.

Would you consider providing girls an opportunity through sports by giving?

  • The Problem
  • The Solution

By the age of 14 girls are dropping out of sports!
Must young ladies are dropping out because of the following: Quality of experience, unbalanced playing field, cost, as well as lack of positive role models.

Develop & Compete Provides:
Players: early access to sports, in-town leagues & teams, empowerment workshops and health & wellness education.
Coaches: support & resources, JR coaching program, mentorship

Passion 4 Youth, Inc.

Inspire. Believe. Lead.

Passion 4 Youth is a nonprofit organization with a mission: Inspiring Youth to explore the possibilities through sports & educational programs.

We are team made up of well educated leaders, experienced coaches and mentors whom believe that the youth need our attention & guidance. We provide sports and educational programs that will inspire them to explore their potential, be innovative, healthy, confident leaders. We also host events that encourage philanthropy, community,healthy living, socialization, and leadership.

Our programs provide job/volunteer opportunities for students & your contributions help us support surrounding communities. Listed below are some opportunities available in our program.

  • Coach & JR Coach
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Clock Management
  • Game Manager
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Equipment Manager
  • Cleanup & Setup Crew


“Be proud of yourself, you’re time & effort is making a difference in their lives! Your passion is admirable. Never stop giving!”

We are always looking for aspiring coaches/mentors! If you love the game and have a desire to teach our youth more than just basketball, this is the right program for you. We offer tools and resources to support all of the coaches and encourage all coaches to be involved in community activities and building.

Become a Sponsor

We believe that a sponsor partnership with your organization can be very beneficial to both parties. The combination of our practices, games, events, and workshops exposes us to students (player peers), parents, alumni and members of the local communities. Our participants, combined with supportive spectators, range in ages from 10-50+, we believe this provides your company with a unique opportunity for exposure.

We are currently seeking the following partnerships. Please note that these are just suggestions and we are excited to work out an agreement that meets both of our needs. Any support you can offer, whether monetary donations and/or merchandise would contribute greatly to the overall success of our club teams and league this year.

• League T-Shirt Sponsor (Starting at $250)
• Program Wristband Sponsor ($100)
• Website & Social media sponsor ($50 – $500)
• Pop-up sideline banner sponsor ($500)
• Event sponsor ($100 – $1,000)

We appreciate your time in considering this opportunity to support. We will follow up all inquiries with a phone call and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss this potential partnership.

Inspiring Youth to Explore the Possibilities.

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